Built by ingenuity. Powered by purpose.


We blend the earth’s most potent actives with proven science for results you can see and feel.

Where It Began

In 2008, at the foothills of the German Alps, Amala was conceived as the natural bridge between holistic wellbeing, luxury, and high-performance skincare, launching at the world’s most exclusive luxury destination spas.

Our founders, all leaders in Germany’s natural and organic skincare movement, leveraged 35-years of pioneering research with groundbreaking biochemistry to bring Amala to life. 

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It's In Our Nature

At Amala, nature thrives, research reigns, and precision is expected. Each and every product represents our conscientious values of unparalleled precision.

Where Soul Meets Science

Amala leans on a decades-long legacy of dedication to excellence that is rooted in Germany’s Alpine region, an area known for meticulous craftsmanship and detail. Every formula is brought to life with traceable whole plant ingredients and boosted by bio-active compounds, then handcrafted in small batches to ensure the integrity of our carefully selected ingredients. 

Each one of our scientific formulations is painstakingly designed not only to deliver high-performance efficacy but a sensory experience to be enjoyed and savored. 

With rigorous third-party testing and dedication to exceed industry regulations, our exacting standards can be experienced in every product, empowering you to achieve the results you expect – without compromise.

Our Spa Heritage Brought Home

Our legacy of serving the world’s most exclusive luxury spas ensured that every product is an equal blend of high-performance skincare and a unique, sensory experience.

Our customized spa treatments inspired us to create Living Beauty Bio-Active Complex, our exclusive bio-nutrient infusion that taps into the intelligence of nature and our own bodies to deliver truly bespoke results.

Amala Youth Renewing Powerhouse Face Cream and Youth Renewing Powerhouse Eye Cream in wooden bowl with beads

Self-Care is Your Ritual

Our luxury spa heritage has also influenced the many ritual elements of Amala. Every carefully crafted natural texture and aroma offers you an immersive and sensorial experience. 

By incorporating our small-batch formulas into your routine with intention, you partake in the gift that is self-care while revealing a brighter, more confident you.

Pure and Powerful

Pushing the boundaries of natural and organic skincare, our formulation process begins with advanced bio-chemistry and ends with luxurious textures and sensorial natural aromas.

All of our products are designed to meet or exceed NATRUE's (a fully-independent European certification body for natural and organic cosmetics) guidelines. They are crafted with intention, in small batches for freshness and potency, and boosted with bio-actives, ensuring that every drop is pure and powerful.

Rich in living plant nutrients that self-adjust to the needs of each individual’s unique skin imprint, our cutting-edge innovations in ingredient technology and dedication to highly-crafted formulas deliver proven results with each use.