For superior skin benefits, we tap into the power of bio-fermented natural ingredients. These advanced actives are rich in probiotics, more concentrated and more readily absorbed by your body.

At Amala, we refer to our bio-fermented actives as Pre+Probiotic infusions. We combine our probiotic ferments with prebiotics, which are like fuel for probiotics. Each Pre+Probiotic Infusion is a targeted ingredient cocktail that powers each product collection.


Probiotics are the "friendly" microflora on the surface of your skin that help balance, cleanse and fight inflammation. They exist throughout the body in areas like the digestive tract and the surface of the skin, in what's called the skin microbiome. Like fingerprints and DNA, no two skin microbiomes are the same.

Topical probiotic ingredients, such as Amala's bio-ferments, are powerful living nutrients. They are able to self-adjust to the needs of each person's unique skin imprint. This results in a targeted and personalized skin effect for every individual.


The process of bio-fermentation increases the nutrient density of natural ingredients, making them more concentrated and therefore more effective on the skin. The fermentation process also creates peptides and amino acids that help promote cell turnover.


The skin can more readily absorb bio-fermented natural ingredients because fermentation breaks down substances into smaller pieces that are easier for the body to use. Similarly, fermented foods are known to aid with digestion because they are easier for the body to absorb.

This ultra-concentrated blend of living bio-active nutrients is Amala's signature cocktail of skin revitalizing Peony, anti-inflammatory Rose Gold, Vitamin C-rich Amla Berry and antioxidant Spirulina. Exclusive to Amala, it self-adjusts to your personal skin imprint to help optimize youthful firmness, clarity and smoothness. The Living Beauty Bio-Active Complex elevates our Rejuvenate and Brighten collections with elements of exclusivity and enhanced effects.

Experience the power in our Rejuvenate collection for the visible signs of aging.


 Experience the potency in our Brighten collection targeting the look of dark spots and uneven skin tone.


Fight the Visible Signs of Aging
Cocoa Pre+Probiotic Infusion

This protective, skin-balancing power shot of Cocoa Bean probiotics is enhanced with vegan prebiotics to help minimize inflammation, replenish collagen and maximize firmness.

Experience the power in our Rejuvenate collection, formulated to fight the visible signs of aging.

Minimize the Look of Dark Spots and Uneven Tone
Tonka Bean Pre+Probiotic Infusion

This next-level bio-active self-adjusts to your skin to help brighten and unify uneven tone. Tonka Bean probiotics combine with balancing prebiotics and powerful antioxidants to boost skin’s natural luminescence.

Experience the power in our Brighten collection, designed to minimize the look of dark spots and uneven skin tone.

This Complex empowers our Soothe and Clinical collections to deliver noticeable, proven results, while helping to inhibit skin sensitivity and irritation. This potent cocktail of vital minerals, including copper, magnesium, zinc and iron, helps nourish and condition sensitive skin. It is a living nutrient-rich complex that adjusts to your personal skin chemistry, delivering bespoke benefits that help quell skin irritation and reactivity.

Experience the potency in our Soothe collection for dry, sensitive skin.


 Experience the power in our Clinical collection, inspired by advanced Medi Spa treatments.


Comfort Dry, Sensitive Skin
Yerba Santa Pre+Probiotic Infusion

This bio-active nutrient powerhouse combines Yerba Santa probiotics, balancing prebiotics and moisturizing peptides to boost skin-calming hydration.

 Experience the power in our Soothe collection, created especially for dry, sensitive skin.

Resurface, Clarify and Refine
Wakame Pre+Probiotic Infusion

This bio-nutrient blend of probiotic Japanese seaweed and nourishing prebiotics helps activate cellular detoxification to clarify and refine pores.

Experience the power in our Clinical collection with resurfacing, pore-clarifying and body contouring effects.