Our Global Commitment

Intentional Steps To Sustainability

Here at Amala, we are devoted to supporting the environment while consciously extracting its natural wisdom. Through environment-first sustainable production, farming, and sourcing practices, we continuously strive to create a pathway for meaningful change with our pure, science-backed skincare.

It Starts From Within


We start with NATRUE® certified natural and organic ingredients, carefully selected for maximum benefits and nurtured to perfection. Leaning on 40 years of research and expertise, and supported by clinical trials, our one-of-a-kind bio-actives unleash the power of our meticulously-crafted formulas.

100% Carbon Neutral production, fair and responsible practices, and dedication to supporting independent producers whenever possible are proof of our commitment to sustainable production.

Our ingredients and formulas are 100% Cruelty-free and will be 100% vegan by 2022.

Amala facilities employ the highest level of sustainable manufacturing, including geothermal temperature regulation, green roofing, and underground rainwater filtration systems.

Smart Design, Serious Skincare

Purpose drives our design and formulation choices, ensuring they protect the environment as they are beneficial for your skin. We take a comprehensive, 360-degree approach considering every aspect; from development, to harvesting of ingredients, to finished product.

Measure Twice, Cut Once

Intentional choices of our ingredients and practices support our dedication to precision. By keeping our finger on the pulse of scientific innovation, we are able to efficiently produce long-lasting products with ingredient stability, superior effectiveness, and exacting targeted results.

Brown Grains in Cupped Hands

Our 360-Degree Approach

Dedicated to mindful sourcing practices, we conduct year-long, full supply chain audits of raw materials manufacturing methods. All packaging is deconstructed and we use recycled, recyclable, or biodegradable components whenever possible. Amala is committed to decreasing waste by 25% by the year 2022.

How We Give Back

Designed to forever give back to nature what we extract, Amala's production facility is 100% Carbon Neutral. We utilize geothermal temperature regulation and underground rainwater filtration systems in our manufacturing facilities. Through our tireless efforts, we work to inspire and support holistic well-being.